Nrityayatri help dancers to stretch their boundaries of knowledge,imagination and thought process to enrich their experience about the classical art.


There is more to any dance form than just dance movements. A dance is a play of space, backdrops, lighting, costume, makeup, props and other technical elements. An expert dancer knows how to put these elements to best use in order to enhance the performance and experience. Nrityayatri, thus, regularly organises interactive sessions with celebrity dancers, workshops by various technical experts, and educational tours to the places of origin of dance forms as well as to dance festivals for the dance students. All these activities enable the artist to transform from a bud to a bloom. For the Indian classical dance lovers, Nrityayatri collaborates with eminent dance institutions in India to organise exclusive dance shows in different cities of India.


The professional development of emerging dancers through lectures and demonstrations about various allied arts and aspects of dance.

Nrityayatri played host to world renowned Bharatnatyam artists, Priyadarsini Govind and Vaibhav Arekar by inviting them tp Pune for a Lecture-Demonstration & workshop on Abhinaya - A major aspect of dance.

Our history


•February 2019 – Bharatanatyam Performance by Neha mondal Chakravarty & Parshwanath Upadhye


•December 2018 – Dance festival tour to Chennai.

•August 2018 – Performance & Workshop by Smt. Priyadarsini Govind

•June 2018 – ‘Disha’ – A performance by young dancers – Neha Apte & Anjali Hariharan

•May 2018 - Workshop on abhinaya Smt. Bragha Bessell

•January 2018 – Music Academy Dance Festival tour to Chennai

•January 2018 - ‘Unravelled’ by Dr.Janaki Rangarajan for Orange Diabetic Foundation


•January 2017 – Workshop on Aspects of Bharatanatyam by Shri. C.V. Chandrashekhar

•January 2017 – Premiere performance of ‘Unravelled’ by Dr. Janaki Rangarajan

•March 2017 – Lecture on ‘Choreography through ages’ by Shri. Ashish Khokar

•May 2017 – Workshop on abhinaya Smt. Bragha Bessell.

•November 2017 – ‘Utkarsh’ Children’s Day special programme of dance by Smt. Pavithra Srinivasan (PANCHATANTRA) & young disciples of Smt. Sheela Unnikrishnan’s Sreedevi Nrithyalaya.


•February 2016 – Workshop on Chhau by Shri. Rakesh Sai Babu

•May 2016 – Workshop on ‘Abhinaya’ by Smt. Bragha Bessell &’Laya and the art of Nattuvangam’ by Shri. Sheejith Krishna

•November 2016 – Workshop by Dr. Janaki Rangarajani in Mumbai

•November 2016 – Performance by Dr.Janaki Rangarajan in Kolhapur


• January 2015 – Workshop on ‘Variation in Jatis’ by Shri. Parimal Phadke

• February 2015- Performance by Kalakshetra Foundation – ‘Jatayu Moksham’

• May 2015 – Kalakshetra Outreach Workshop

• October 2015 – Performance & Workshop on Karanas by Dr. Janaki Rangarajan


• January 2014 –Lecture- Demonstration & Workshop on ‘Abhinaya’ by Priyadarsini Govind

• April 2014 -Lecture- Demonstration on ‘Make up for Dancers’ by Sanskruta Vernekar & ‘The Art of Compereing’ by Smt. Gauri Lagoo

• May 2014 – Workshop on the ‘Aspects of Dance-Theatre’ by Shri Vaibhav Arekar

• October 2014 - Lecture- Demonstration on ‘Light Designing for dance Performances’ by Shri Harshawardhan Pathak


• May,June 2013- Workshop & Performance by Padmabhushan Dhananjayans

• August 2013- Workshop on ‘Laya & Taal’ by Taalyogi Pt. Suresh Talwalkar

• October 2013- Lecture – Demonstration on ‘Choreography’ by Smt. Shama Bhate

• October 2013- Dance educational tour to Chennai, Chidambaram & Tanjavur


• January 2012- First dance educational tour to Chennai, Chidambaram & Tanjavur

• December 2012- Dance educational tour to Chennai, Chidambaram & Tanjavur


• Founded in 2011 October


Celebrity speak