A brief intensive courses of dance education are organized with an intention to emphasize on learning dance techniques along with interactive sessions with artists, to understand their thought process , journey & approach towards art.

Sheejith Krishna, a teacher who can play with the rhythmic variety of Laya and taal ,and who can explain it very well to the students.

Bragha akka is An expert and experienced teacher who has the nac of making students understand the details and intricacies of Abhinaya

World renowned Senior Guru C.V. Chandrasekhar who is known for his Perfection in Basics of Bharatnatyam.

Janaki Rangarajan has been passionate about communicating through dance. Her unique dance style is a sincere result of her undying passion, self-motivation and dedication towards Bharatanatyam. Her refreshing approach to Bharatanatyam has won her many accolades and praise from dance lovers around the world. Being a firm believer in maintaining the integrity of tradition, Janaki explores her creativity without compromising on the classicism of the dance form.

Renowned and passionate Bharatnatyam dancer from Pune.

Chhaau, is a semi classical Indian dance with martial, tribal and folk traditions,[1] with origins in eastern India

Abhinaya workshop by Smt. Priyadarsini Govind

8 Full day workshop in Pune by the teachers of Kalalkshetra foundation chennai with details of exercise , singing , taal system , notations of Dance.

The Dhanajayans , Alumina of Kalakshetra Foundation known as dancing couple and recently known as Vodaphone couple expert in Bharatnatyam with the training in Kathakali which enhance their performance

Workshop by Vaibhav Arekar