Kalakshetra Outreach Workshop

Kalakshetra Outreach Workshop - Pune: 24-31 May 2015

The pioneer institute of Bharatanatyam – Kalakshetra Foundation of Chennai. Kalakshetra Outreach workshop was held for the first time in Maharashtra under the auspices of Nrityayatri. This workshop contained 3 levels:

Beginners - basic adavus, structure of dance, Alarippu, folk dance

Intermediate - Keertanam, Tillana

Advance - Varnam

The purpose of this workshop was to understand the methodologies, pedagogy, and routine of this great institute. Body training for Bharatanatyam, core strengthening technique, and dance theory were other things that were dealt in the workshop.

Senior faculty members of Kalakshetra - Jyotsna Menon, Nirmala Nagarajan, Sibi Sudarshan, K.P. Rakesh were facilitating the Kalakshetra Outreach Workshop.