Janaki Rangarajan

 Janaki Rangarajan: Pune: 1, 2, 3 Oct 2015

"Workshop" - just for a name - But an experience and knowledge that was been shared by Janaki Akka is here to stay with all the participants throughout their lives. What goes into the making of a performer - the routine, the hard work, the struggle, the battle, the satisfaction and again being unsatisfied with oneself to recreate something new, the analysis of one's own dance, that "Move which keeps you Moving", "Dream with your eyes open", "A lot of things are learnt from the untold", "There is no looking back once you are on this path", "Dance for your soul", "Try to stretch the boundaries", being straightforward, guiding into many options of the dance careers...and soooooo much, What an experience to watch Janaki Akka choreographing on the spot for the same music piece in a different way for the two batches - The choreography portraying the beautiful Karanas !!!