Rakesh Sai Babu

Rakesh Sai Babu: Pune: 18, 19, 20, 21 Feb 2016

A very introductive workshop for Chhau in Mayurbhanj style of done. Rakesh taught basic movements of Chhau and then combined these movements into small sequences. He also informed us about the terminologies and origin of Chhau.


Wonderful 4 days spent learning a rare art form that is so beneficial for any type of dancer. I hope Rakeshji returns to Pune to continue this workshop regularly, and in the meantime, all the participants should try to meet up & practice everything we have learnt.

Thank you so much Nrityayatri for organizing this fabulous workshop! Eagerly looking forward to the next one.

-Nayantara Parpia – Kathak dancer, Pune

It is our extreme good luck and the wonderful efforts taken by Meghana tai & Shraddha tai that we get to learn from such awesome masters. Rakeshji has been great with all his guidance and has imparted excellent techniques to us throughout. I'm grateful to everyone for making this possible for us.

-Anuradha Kurundwad – Bharatanatyam student, Pune - Mumbai