Workshop on Abhinaya and Nattuvangum

Bragha Bessel & Sheejith Krishna: Pune: 21-25 May 2016

An intensive 5 days’ workshop on the art of abhinaya and elements of Taal. The participants were split into two batches Junior & Senior. 3-hour session from each expertise for each batch, definitely helped in enhancing the participants’ skills of abhinaya & Taal. Junior batch learnt a Padam - Netradni Nerattile… & a Javali – Apaduruku… Senior batch learnt an Ashtapadi – Kshanamadhuna… and a Javali – Ariven ayya… Both the batches learnt the recitation skills, various combinations, and few techniques of Taal.


"This workshop was not just about the the technique of taal and abhinaya but also a great humbling experience in the presence of two extremely talented and generous artists. Their workshop sessions were not just about the technique of Bharatnatyam but also about the philosophy and thought processes which have evolved over years of practise and meditation as dancers. Sheejith Sir's attention to minute details and precision in music, awareness about the pauses and Bragha Akka's persistent teaching about awareness and union between mind and body while dancing were some of the beautiful learnings for me. In spite of being such great masters in their respective fields, they made an effort to make all of us comfortable and explained difficult concepts in a simple yet precise manner. This experience with them have left long lasting impressions on me. Looking forward to many more interactions with them. "

-Radhika Mulay – Bharatanatyam student, Pune