Enrich yourself..... Workshop exclusively for Senior students and Teachers by Bharatanatyam Legends C.V.Chandrasekhar Sir.

C. V. Chandrashekhar: Pune: 17, 18, 19 January 2017

An overview of each aspect of Bharatanatyam was dealt in this workshop.

Technique – Anatomy in Dance, Body lines, neatness, symmetry, accuracy in postures and movements.
Musical Knowledge – musical knowledge and dance go hand in hand. Importance of knowing music enables one to understand the dance, song, the mood of the composition etc. better which ultimately enhances one’s dance.
Rhythm – The rhythm of the dance should be accurate and should not disturb the dance. With the proper knowledge of Rhythm and music, dancer can challenge herself for more complicated choreographies.
Expression – The art of expressing a situation should be strongly portrayed as it needs to be conveyed to the audience


He is sheer perfection, beauty, decency, dedication, genuinity and bundle of positive energy and what not… Prof. C.V. Chandrashekhar. We were so fortunate that we could learn from him, we could learn from him, we could hear him and many thanks to Nrityayatri mainly Meghana Tai and Shraddha Tai for letting us experience the divinity through movements and for letting us reach out to Him, the supreme power through C.V. Sir.

-Swarada Datar – Bharatanatyam dancer, Pune

It’s very rare for those living outside Chennai to get guidance and detailed instructions from stalwarts. Even in Chennai, it’s quite a blessing to get their time and advice to guide out station dancers. In this way Nrityayatri’s workshop with the reknown Bharatanatyam Upadhyaya Chandrashekhar from Kalakshetra.

The session touched upon not just form but it’s purpose, the purpose of Natya, of our practice and the practice of composition.

Chandrashekhar Sir shed light on the musicality of composing jatis, korvais and abhinaya interpretation to an eager group of dancers and teachers. Lovely to meet interact and learn from them in such close proximity. Thank you

-Anand Sadchidanand – Bharatanatyam dancer, Mumbai

We never stop learning - is the most important thing we learnt at the workshop. After learning the basics and doing Arangetram, we all start exploring the world of classical dance on our own. Eventually, we feel that we have attained a lot and do not need to 'learn' any longer. However, the first thing sir told us was that 'We all are students forever, I too consider myself a student. I am still learning'. I think this is the most important thing all dancers need to bear in mind.

He did not teach us any particular piece, but what he gave us was invaluable - The use of adavus in korvais, the choreography based more on the musical element rather than pure technique and typical rules, the interweaving of abhinaya with nritta. Extremely invaluable! Hats off to his energy level even at this age! All this coupled with humility and modesty - A very rare combination. A big thank you to NRITYAYATRI, Meghana Sabade and Shraddha Palsule for giving us this wonderful opportunity. In today's times, when all dancers are running after items, it is very creditable that they took this initiative of organising a workshop, where we reviewed the basics from a completely different angle. Thank you!

-Rasika Gumaste – Bharatnatyam and Odissi dancer, Pune