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About Nrityayatri

Nrityayatri Art Movement Foundation, one of its kind Non Profit Organisation, established in the year 2011, is engaged in providing knowledge beyond class room for classical dancers by arranging workshops, lecture demonstrations, performances by renowned artists and legendary Gurus. It also organises Dance educational toursduring various dance festivals in India.

Vision and Mission

Its objective is to create a collaborative ecosystem which supports Indian dance practices bearing traditional values and where diverse artistic expressions can flourish. Our approach is to reach out to both the classical dance fraternity as well as the classical dance loving people and provide them an environment to pursue their interests.

Newsroom - Rakesh Sai Babu Workshop

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Nritya Yatri Workshop 2014 - 15

  • Shama Tai Workshop

    A workshop on aspects and perspectives of choreography conducted by Guru. Shama Bhate, a senior Kathak exponent and choreographer. Her choreographies have been well received world wide.

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  • Vaibhav Arekar Worksop

    An unique concept of Dance Theatre was dealt in this workshop. Use of free movements, character study reflecting through dance, dance in space were few…

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  • Glimpses of Parimal Phadke's Workshop

    An integral part of Dance is Taal.& the  Jatis  are the brisk element. The components of Jatis were well explained by Parimal Phadke through a Shiva Tandava…

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