Our Team

Mrs. Meghana Sabade

Dance Exponent and Founder Director Nrityayatri

"Nrityaytri is an art movement, conceived and run by Pune-based dance exponent, Mrs. Meghana Sabade. She has been trained in Bharatnatyam for 14 years under the guidance of Guru Manik Ambike. Her belief is that perfection is an unreachable star. One keeps on traveling in pursuit of knowledge and perfection. At Nrityayatri, she believes that dance is much more than learning steps and techniques. It is an art that emanates from the soul and brings out physical, emotional & spiritual development of the dancer. Nrityayatri is working sincerely to revive the passion for dance and create a platform to enjoy it."

Mrs. Shraddha Palsule

Dance Exponent and Co-Ordinator

"Shraddha Palsule is a post graduate diploma holder in Bharatnatyam from Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai. She performed various stage shows across India and Bangkok. With a vision to promote traditional Indian art and dance forms, she introduced Pune city to Kalaripayattu, mother of all martial arts. Being aware of the importance of exposure to young artists, she wishes to fulfill the need of encouraging artists through Nrityayatri."